Friday, September 12, 2008

The GTA IV Minimal Kill Challenge

Welcome to Jasper Petrol's GTA IV Minimal Kill Challenge Strategy Blog, where you can find mission strategy guides for all the mission in GTA IV. A useful resource for anyone attempting the challenge and also just an interesting read for any Grand Theft Auto fans.
I took an interest in the Minimal Kill methods in 2006 when I discovered a thread on the GTA Forums (posted by Balatro) for the San Andreas Minimal Kill Challenge. This was not a challenge to be taken lightly, it damn nearly killed me playing it, the stress levels went through the roof. However, once you begin one of these things it is hard to stop. (be warned). It took about six months of solid play to complete it! Balatro took years, literally to finish his game.
GTA IV is built around a different game engine GTA San Andreas and these changes have made the minimal kill challenge a lot easier. You can almost play through the game at the same speed as normal game-play. I have notes on all the missions scribbled down somewhere but have struggled to compile the website and piece together the thousands of screen shots and video footage for these strategies.
I decided to write the strategy guide to a blog rather than a GTA Forums thread for easier management, and because there are a lot of people who have not yet played the game which means using  those rather tiresome and pig-ugly spoiler tags in all the posts which would rapidly become a right old mess. So, I've gone for one thread and one blog.
The uptake for the challenge has been minimal in itself so far...a well known troll tried to screw up the forum thread by posting obnoxious spam whilst another guy is pretending to have done the challenge for some reason.
However, I will continue to update the blog as time goes by in the hope that someone, somewhere finds the information useful.
I have now completed the Minimal Kill Challenge [100%] with 6 Kills
UPDATE: I have now completed Waste Not Want Knots with zero kills in a practice game. I have also worked out a reliable zero kill strategy for Concrete Jungle.
I am now playing the challenge through again knowing that it can be done with zero kills to 100% - hooray!
Jasper Petrol
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