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Chapter 1 MKC Mission Strategy

The early missions in GTA IV are mostly just about learning the game controls and features. There is nothing more than driving short distances to most of them. It goes without saying, that they are all zero kill missions.


The Cousins Bellic [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

It's Your Call [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

Threes a Crowd [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

First Date [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

Bleed Out [Zero Kills]

This is the first mission in GTA IV where you have to deploy some type of strategy to gain the minimal kills. There are several ways to complete this mission with zero kills. This is a simple strategy.

Prior to the call from Roman, steal a police car. When you get the call from Roman drive to the location at Firefly Island. You will find Roman getting a kicking from a couple of Albanian thugs. To attract the attention of each thug give them both a single kick or punch. They will now chase you and leave Roman alone. Return to the police car and call for police back-up, now hang around in the area, do not stray too far from Roman. To avoid being hit you can stand on top of vehicles. When the cops arrive, let them see the Albanians attack you and they will shoot both attackers. Now go back to Roman to trigger the next part of the mission.

The second part of the mission is very easy. Follow Dardan in Roman's car, it has poor speed and handling but with some good driving you can easily keep pace with Dardan. Instead of following Darden you can miss out all the detours and just drive directly to the warehouse. This shortcut will  allow you to avoid all the scripted hazards and arrive before Darden. Use the stampede trick to kill him. At this stage Darden will not be armed with the knife which makes it a very easy task.

There are lots of ways to complete this mission with zero kills.

Easy Fare [Zero Kills]
No strategy required. Just lose your wanted level.

Bull in A China Shop [Zero Kills]
No Strategy required. To save time, you don't have to find an object to break the window. Drive your vehicle into the shop window to break it.

Hung Out to Dry [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. Drive into the van to damage it, no need to use weapons.

Clean Get-away [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. Steal the car and drive it to the car wash. No need for any violence. Be careful of characters grabbing hold of your vehicles during the challenge. When stealing vehicles always drive forwards whilst the door is open. Otherwise you can crush the previous owner with the open door. Removing the drivers side door (for faster access) can save vital seconds in some missions.

Ivan the not so Terrible [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. It doesn't matter which option you select because Ivan falls to his death it doesn't count as a kill in your game stats.

Jamaican Heat [Zero Kills]
To complete this mission with zero kills you need to employ the exploding car trick. It is a simple case of using an exploding car to kill the enemy instead of conventional weapons. The vehicle must be set on fire by collision damage or from enemy gun fire. If you shoot the vehicle you will get credit for the enemies killed in the explosion.

The targets in this mission are immune to non-player which means you can not be assisted by the cops. In addition the cops would attack Little Jacob. Use the exploding car trick to remove the 3 enemies shooting at Little Jacob. Steal a vehicle and drive into the wall of the alley until it sets on fire. Carefully place the flaming vehicle to kill the targets. Repeat if necessary. To eliminate the the fourth enemy, shoot him in the leg and let him fall from the rooftop. This is an easy mission to complete with zero kills.

Uncle Vlad [Zero Kills]
This mission is incredibly easy to complete with zero kills, even though you have to “kill” Vlad. When the second cut-scene ends, instead of engaging in a fist fight with the two thugs, just make a mad-dash past them and go out of the door to begin the car chase. Follow Vlad, drive quickly but not crazily, there is no reason to fire any weapons. When you catch up with Vlad you can knock him into the water by walking into him. Once in the water he swims around but is unable to haul himself to safety. He drowns. The funny thing about this is, when the cut-scene plays Vlad has a gunshot wound even though you never shot him! This completes the mission with zero kills.

[Also, if you choose to eliminate Vlad by pointing the gun at him, the blue reticle appears and the scripted kill does not count in the stats]

Crime and Punishment [Zero Kills]
No strategy required. When you stop the van with the flatscreens, the two guys get out to start a gun fight. You can just drive away in the van and leave them behind in the street or entice the police into the battle if you can not bare to let them live!

Do You Have Protection [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

Final Destination [Zero Kills]
As soon as you are spotted on the train platform in Bohan make a mad dash for your vehicle. Lenny will do the same, chase him and damage his car. When the car takes enough damage or becomes trapped Lenny makes a run for it. He is doesn't have a weapon and can be killed easily using any variety of techniques. The shove trick is a useful method for completing this mission with zero kills. Knock Lenny to the ground by knocking into him, then trample him each time he attempts to get to his feet. It is good technique for any characters that are vulnerable to non-player attacks, whereas it (usually) does not work on characters that are immune to non-player attacks.

[If you can get to Lenny, after he runs away,  you can complete this mission using the stampede trick before he even makes it to his get-away car]

No Love Lost [Zero Kills]
In normal game-play you can shoot the biker before he meets up with the rest of the gang. In the minimal kill challenge, it is easiest to allow the biker to find the gang. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to remove the two gang members who chase after you. Use the exploding car trick to remove the rest of the biker gang. Be careful not to go to far from the action as this will trigger the failed mission message. If there are no vehicles at hand you can call the emergency services and then steal a fire truck or an ambulance. It can be difficult to kill the bikers with the exploding car trick due to them hiding behind trees. The static enemies in this mission are immune to non-player.

It is possible to get vehicles from the Freeway (road to the airport) by pushing them through the gap between the lanes. You might have to flip the vehicles the right way up to use them. A good technique in this mission is to damage a vehicle (an ambulance for example) and then push it using a Firetruck (in reverse) into a dangerous position. The bikers will usually adopt the vehicle as cover and then get blown up in the explosion.

Rigged to Blow [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. Jasper's tip – after the explosion steal the fire truck, not only is this a funny thing to do, but you can drive through the toll on the bridge without paying reducing the risk of picking a kill whilst having a wanted level. The safest method of travel, during the minimal kill challenge is to go by taxi.

The Master and the Molotov [Zero Kills]
To complete this mission with zero kills ensure that you arrive with full health and armour. The technique for this mission is called the mad-dash. When the cut-scene inside the Perestroika night club ends, run towards the stage and jump over the corner near to the exit (double doors). This will start the second cut-scene sequence, when this ends, run through the double doors, barge into the gunmen in the corridor. This distracts them and prevents them shooting you as you run past. You should be able to run right through the rest of this mission. It sound a little crazy, but you need to keep quite close to Faustin the climbing section of the mad-dash. You may take a fair bit of damage and sometimes you can be killed attempting this method. If you make it to the rooftop with Faustin, use the stampede trick to push him off the building to his death. If you draw a weapon, Faustin produces a pistol and fights back. Either way, it is possible to easily complete this mission with zero kills.

Logging On [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

Concrete Jungle [Zero Kills]
This is the most difficult mission in the GTA IV Minimal Kill Challenge.
Strategy Guide for Concrete Jungle

Russian Revolution [Zero Kills]
Strategy Guide for Russian Revolution

Roman's Sorrow [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required

Chapter One can be completed with a ZERO kills. Don't settle for anything else!

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