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Chapter 4 - GTA IV MKC Strategy Guide

It is easier to complete GTA IV, with minimal kills in mind, when offered to take the Deal or Revenge choose Revenge. This means that you will play the mission A Dish Served Cold prior to the final storyline mission Out of Commission.

That Special Someone [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Guide Required

One Last Thing [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Guide Required 

A Dish Served Cold [Zero Kills]
Fly to the Platypus in East Hook in a helicopter and initiate the start of mission. When the cut-scene ends fly to the bridge, take a wide sweep to avoid enemy gunfire. Approach the bridge of the ship slowly and gently land the helicopter just above the door. Drop down to the bridge, you can use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the goon inside. If you just ignore the goon he will disappear after the cut-scene showing the opening of the ships hold.

You can use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the assailants aboard the ship, but the quickest method is to make a mad-dash to the hold. When you get to the loading doors press the jump button to grab the edge. This makes the protagonist hang down into the ship's hold. You should hear an explosion, this is the sound of your enemies blowing themselves up. When you drop down find cover and use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to advance to the next part of the mission.

A second wave of assailants and Rascalov are now in the hold. Use shoot-in-the-leg trick to shoot the assailant in front of you. Walk up the side of the ship's hold to shoot the assailant using the gas bottles for cover. Shoot Rascalov from this position, you can shoot him about six times in the head with a sniper rifle. This will trigger the cut-scene, which results in there just being you and Rascalov in the ship's hold. You can not use shoot-in-the-leg or stampede tricks on Rascalov. To kill Rascalov without gaining credit you need to move him close to a gas bottle - then you need to use another gas bottle to blow the first gas bottle. To clarify, you shoot one gas bottle, this explodes and causes the second bottle to explode. If Rascalov is killed by the first explosion because he is too close, it will count against you. If he is killed by the explosion from the second gas bottle the kill will not count against you. [It took along to figure this out way back in 2009)

Mr and Mrs Bellic [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Guide Required

Out of Commission (Revenge) [Zero Kills]
There is very little real substance to this mission. It comprises a lengthy scripted car chase at the beginning. When this ends, there is a cut-scene and then  you are able to continue. Immediately head to the area where the Sanchez is parked.

Go up these steps and head round the back of the casino

Use the steps and the ladder to gain access to the roof of the Old Casino. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to kill the goons-for-hire inside. Drop down into the building and go through the door that leads to the steps back onto the roof.
The Shoot-in-the-leg Trick in Progress (the shoot-in-the-thigh trick doesn't sound quite so good)

 Make a mad dash up the steps, keep going through the blue door, ignore all attackers, step up onto the section of roof on the protagonist right and take a diagonal path before leaping off towards the water. The protagonist will land on the ground, get into the water as soon as possible and swim to the area where the Sanchez is waiting.

The rest of the mission doesn't involve making any kills. When you get to Happiness Island, take the opposite route to Pegorino, don't chase after him. This avoids being shot at by the cops, you will eventually find him amongst the trees.

Jimmy Pegorino bites the dust
 You don't take credit for killing Pegorino, despite shooting him in the face at close range!


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