Challenge Rules

GTA IV Minimal Challenge Rules

The Challenge
The concept of this challenge is to complete GTA IV to 100% with the minimal amount of kills possible – using the people killed in your game statistics. This is not a new idea, there are Minimal Kill Challenges for GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas.

The philosophy of the minimal kill challenge is quite simple. In real life a criminal that kills thousands of people in a short space of time would attract a lot of attention from the authorities. Instead of slaughtering everything in sight, use a small amount of refrain. It is the ultimate challenge for game players who like to play games on the hardest level.

The Rules
1) No cheating – the challenge is based on the honour system. The challenge must be played on a clean install (PC) without the use of cheats, mods or trainers. Legal copies of the game only.
2) No going into unlocked areas of the game before they are open.
3) No exploiting glitches/bugs in the game.

The rules are set in place to make the challenge fair for everyone taking part.

Discussion about the challenge can take place through the comments section of this blog or on the GTA Forums thread posted in the gameplay section.

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