Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Three Leaf Clover

When the first part of the mission has been completed allow Packie and Derrick to leave the bank first. As soon as they step outside make a mad-dash to the alley. In this position you can soften the police and N.O.O.S.E officers so that your accomplices can kill them. Once you have made it past the first police car find cover. You can use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on some of the cops in this mission, including the ones surrounding the police car.

After advancing to the next area where there are a lot of N.O.O.S.E officers, it is important to soften them quickly (use an assault rifle) and don't reduce their health too far, your accomplices will make light work of them once their armour and health is reduced. This is pretty much the technique right through the mission.

When the mission advances to the subway, don't follow Packie and Derrick, use the entrance on the other side of the road. Use the same technique as earlier to get through all the N.O.O.S.E officers. On the train platform take cover behind the third column. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the two police officers opposite that Packie and Derrick (usually) can not hit. Packie will give the instruction to head into the subway tunnel, run into the tunnel and turn to face the advancing N.O.O.S.E officers, soften a couple of them a little and keep moving backwards into the tunnel. This will advance the mission to the final stage.

Ensure that both your accomplices are close all the time (they sometimes get left behind if you go too quickly) Go directly to the get-away vehicle and make sure both accomplices get in before you set off. Lose the wanted level, this can be done during the drive back to the McReary house. If all this has gone to plan you should have completed this mission with zero kills.

There are some bugs and glitches in this mission. I have had the game crash (on several occasions) after leaving the subway (yes, in that final part!). Whatever happens I do not recommend using a taxi to get back to the McReary house.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Waste Not Want Knots [Zero Kills]

New Zero Kill Strategy

I have managed more than once to complete this mission with zero kills. To do this, collect the gang with a Firetruck and drive them to Colony Island, but drive along the outside of the cemetery (to the corner where the armour pick up is located). Get out of the Firetruck and Jump the fence, then jump back over and drive away leaving your gang behind in the cemetery. This is so that you can get rid of the Mafia guards without them getting in the way. There are lots of ways to kill the guards - Dwayne's guys are one method, getting a 2 star wanted level or a combination of the exploding car trick and the push object trick can be used. You can shoot the guy on the stairs from the roof and he will fall to his death. Access the roof by the two waste pipes structure at the front of the Waste Depot building.

To get the Mafia's cash go and collect the rest of the gang with the Firetruck (if you still have it or dial 911 and get another one). Make sure you have full health and armour and drive straight into the Waste Depot (do not stop outside or Packie, Gordon and Michael will get out of the truck). So, straight through those big blue doors. Brake and accelerate at the same time to slide the Firetruck around the barrier and park with the front in line with the office window. Use the water cannon to spray the mafia guys in the office. This will move them further back. Don't do this for too long, just enough to make room for you to get to that bag of money. Climb onto the Firetruck and jump from it to the window of the office. You can climb straight into the office and make a mad dash for the cash. You can shoot at the Mafia guys in the office to stun them, as long as you don't shoot them too much (until they are dead).  Once you have the cash make a mad dash to the boat, leave the office the way you entered. This is a dangerous strategy which most often results in instant death. If you do make it out, you will most likely have lost most of your health segments. I had one remaining health segment, when I did this.

Once you make it to the boat, Packie will follow and although you can hear shooting inside the depot I've never failed the mission after this point due to the loss of one of the remaining gang members. I think once you've made it to the boat all your crew are safe.

This is a tough mission to complete with zero kills - but, I have also completed it (only once) by using a ram raid strategy where I drove directly into the waste Depot with crew aboard the trusty Firetruck. Used the water cannon, made a mad dash for the money and escaped to the boat. Tried it several times since and Gordon always seems to get shot! You need a fair amount of luck with this type of mission.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Most Wanted

The Police Most Wanted Missions are accessed via the police computer. Most of the missions are easy to complete with zero kills.

Bohan [Zero Kills]
1. Maxwell Caughlin - Crime: Gang Related Violence
Damage the criminals vehicle until they make a run for it on foot, use the stampede, shove-object or exploding car trick to dispose of the criminals.
2. Scott Guzowski - Crime: Gang Related Violence
Gain a two star wanted level and allow the cops to pacify all the criminals.
3. Antoinio Rivette - Crime: Racketeering
Gain a two star wanted level and allow the cops to pacify all the criminals. (Otherwise use the stampede trick)
4. Rodrigo Stavnes - Crime: Racketeering
This is a tough mission for the minimal kill challenge. You can use a rough version of the stampede trick where you knock the criminal down with a vehicle, shoot them to 1 health segment and finsih with the stampede. Repeat.
5. Fernando Tisdel - Crime: Human Trafficking
Use a fire truck to damage the criminal's vehicle and then use the shove-object trick to kill the criminals.
6. Tyler Pickrel - Crime: Human Trafficking
Hit the criminal with your vehicle to knock him down (without killing him) and then use the stampede trick to to complete the mission.
7. Preston Pecinovsky - Crime: Credit Card Fraud
You can use any combination of minimal kill techniques to complete this mission. The shove-object and exploding car trick are effective ways of completing this mission.
8. Alonso Goralski - Crime: Burglary
Gain a two star wanted level. Crash into the criminals get-away vehicle to force him to abandon.Use the cops or other methods to kill the criminal. Use the same methods for the second criminal on foot.
9. Bert Reker - Crime: Drug Trafficking
Gain a two star wanted level and allow the cops to pacify all the criminals.
10. Freddy Paparo - Crime: Grand Theft Auto
Arrive in a fire truck and strike the criminals vehicle from the side to force them to abandon. Use the shove-object or exploding car trick to kill the criminals

Algonquin [Zero Kills]
1. Shon Kikuchi - Crime: Gang Related Violence
There are a multitude of methods available for this mission. The shove-object is as a good a method as any other.
2. Jimmy Kand - Crime: Gang Related Violence
Use the stampede trick to kill the criminals in this mission. They are unarmed.
3. Simon Nashly - Crime: Racketeering
Gain a three star wanted level and use your full repertoire of techniques to clear out all the criminals. Remain in your vehicle as much as possible. You can drive up to the top level in a car. Avoid cops with shotguns and use an assault rifle to soften criminals to speed up the mission.
4. Tommy Francovic - Crime: Racketeering
Chase the motorcycle until the criminal is killed in an fatal accident (usually about 20 seconds).
5. Barry Lamora - Crime: Human Trafficking
Gain a two star wanted level and allow the cops to deal with the criminals. You can use other methods if and when necessary.
6. Lino Friddell - Crime: Hit and Run
Arrive early and crash into the criminals vehicle until they abandon. Use the shove-object or exploding car trick.  
7. Juan Haimo - Crime: Burglary
Knock the bikers off their motorcycles  and use the shove-object, stampede or exploding car trick to kill all 3 criminals.
8. Darren Covey - Crime: Arms Dealing
It may seem a little odd, but the criminals in this mission will not attack unless you fire first. Use the shove-object trick to kill them all. You can use their own cars and there is a armour vest in the far left corner looking from the entrance into the building.
9. Leo Brodell - Crime: Drug Trafficking
Gain a two start wanted level and allow the cops to pay attention to the gunfire coming from the apartment block. To this go in through the door and immediately exit again. Go to the rooftop of neighboring properties and entice the police into shooting the criminals. Soften the criminals health status to speed up the process and to force them to break cover. 
10. Christov Mahonvic - Crime: Grand Theft Auto
Gain a two star wanted level.  Lead the cops to the waste disposal depot and let them engage with the criminals. Meanwhile, go around the outside to the rear of the building, find the back door, and shoot the criminal in the leg to force him to break cover.

Alderney [Zero Kills]
1. Marty Boldenow - Crime: Gang Related Violence
Gain a two star wanted level and allow the cops to clear the compound on your behalf.
2. Noel Katsuda - Crime: Gang Related Violence
Gain a two star wanted level and allow the cops to clear the compound on your behalf.
3. Rodney McEniry - Crime: Racketeering
Damage the main lead vehicle until it stops, the occupants, who are heavily armed will get out and take cover. Use the shove-object or exploding car trick to kill all four violent assailants.
4. Glenn Lushbaugh - Crime: Human Trafficking 
Crash into the criminals vehicle to damage it. Use the shove-object or exploding car trick 
5. Phil Bacerra - Crime: Hit and Run
Add the criminal to the radar, park the police car close to the alderney safe house pointing towards the location of the criminals (Ferry Terminal). Dial 911 and request a fire truck. Steal the fire truck and drive it directly to the scene, crash into the main target vehicle, the one on the left as you approach. Try to hit it on the side to flip it over. Use the exploding car trick to kill the criminals or attract the cops to the scene by gaining a wanted level (only possible if cops spawn in the area).
6. Sergi Szerbin - Crime: Burglar
Gain a two star wanted level and park on the roof of the garage. Use a pistol to soften all the criminals making the job easier for the cops.
7. Danny Hatmaker - Crime: Arms Dealing
Gain a three star wanted level and soften the targets (to also force them to break cover) making the task easier and quicker for the cops.
8. Mervin Eskuchen - Crime: Drug Trafficking 
A tough proposition. Damage the criminals main vehicle  to force them to abandon. Use the shove-object or exploding car trick to comlete the mission.
9. Frederick Harrison - Crime: Grand Theft Auto 
This is a difficult mission for the minimal kill challenge. Gain a three star wanted level and allow a lot of cops to assemble at the entrance to the old bridge. Lead them to the area below the bridge and they will engage with the criminals. Keep out of the way of the cops by moving around the area without straying out of range. You can see on the radar how many criminals and cops are on the bridge. If you run out of cops before criminals you need to attract more to the bridge without going out of range (this can be difficult).
10. Keenan Burdett - Crime: Armed Robbery
Gain a three star wanted level before entering the car park. Gradually work up through the levels, soften the criminals and allow the cops to finish the job.  

Assassin Missions - The Fixer

Derelict Target [zero kills]
Use the exploding car or shove-object trick to kill the first target. Call 911 and request the police. Allow the cops to enter the building and kill all the assailants including your main targets. This side mission can take a long time to complete using this technique. Keep calling the police and ascend the levels, so that the police continue to respond to enemy gunfire. keeping just below the level of the floors, to avoid being involved in the shooting. Keep out of the way of the police to prevent getting a wanted level.

Hook, Line and Sinker [zero kills]
Shoot the boat around the out-board motor area and allow it to explode. Kills made this way do not usually count in your game statistics. After the explosion check the stats to see if it worked.

Industrial Action [zero kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick for all the targets in this mission. Most of your assailants will fall to their deaths with a well aimed shot in the lower leg.

Migration Control [zero kills]
Drive quickly to the helicopter landing pad and ram into the targets Cognoscenti. If you get the timing right your target will be killed just as he is getting out of the car by the shove-object trick. An incredibly easy way to complete this side mission.

Taken Out [zero kills]
Park a burning car in front of the limo to cause an explosion.

Bailing out for Good [zero kills]
Use exploding car or the shove-object trick to complete this side mission.

Water Hazard [zero kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg and stampede trick to complete this mission.

R.U.B. Down [zero kills]
Use a large vehicle to push damaged cars  towards the targets. Keep doing this until there is a large group of cars around the targets. Keep hitting the cars to deploy the exploding car trick from a distance. If the cars are in good positions when they explode all the targets will be killed in the explosion.

Using a Truck to Push Damaged Vehicles Towards the Targets.
 It is important not to get too close to the targets because they will take off on their bikes.

Chapter 4 - GTA IV MKC Strategy Guide

It is easier to complete GTA IV, with minimal kills in mind, when offered to take the Deal or Revenge choose Revenge. This means that you will play the mission A Dish Served Cold prior to the final storyline mission Out of Commission.

That Special Someone [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Guide Required

One Last Thing [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Guide Required 

A Dish Served Cold [Zero Kills]
Fly to the Platypus in East Hook in a helicopter and initiate the start of mission. When the cut-scene ends fly to the bridge, take a wide sweep to avoid enemy gunfire. Approach the bridge of the ship slowly and gently land the helicopter just above the door. Drop down to the bridge, you can use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the goon inside. If you just ignore the goon he will disappear after the cut-scene showing the opening of the ships hold.

You can use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the assailants aboard the ship, but the quickest method is to make a mad-dash to the hold. When you get to the loading doors press the jump button to grab the edge. This makes the protagonist hang down into the ship's hold. You should hear an explosion, this is the sound of your enemies blowing themselves up. When you drop down find cover and use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to advance to the next part of the mission.

A second wave of assailants and Rascalov are now in the hold. Use shoot-in-the-leg trick to shoot the assailant in front of you. Walk up the side of the ship's hold to shoot the assailant using the gas bottles for cover. Shoot Rascalov from this position, you can shoot him about six times in the head with a sniper rifle. This will trigger the cut-scene, which results in there just being you and Rascalov in the ship's hold. You can not use shoot-in-the-leg or stampede tricks on Rascalov. To kill Rascalov without gaining credit you need to move him close to a gas bottle - then you need to use another gas bottle to blow the first gas bottle. To clarify, you shoot one gas bottle, this explodes and causes the second bottle to explode. If Rascalov is killed by the first explosion because he is too close, it will count against you. If he is killed by the explosion from the second gas bottle the kill will not count against you. [It took along to figure this out way back in 2009)

Mr and Mrs Bellic [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Guide Required

Out of Commission (Revenge) [Zero Kills]
There is very little real substance to this mission. It comprises a lengthy scripted car chase at the beginning. When this ends, there is a cut-scene and then  you are able to continue. Immediately head to the area where the Sanchez is parked.

Go up these steps and head round the back of the casino

Use the steps and the ladder to gain access to the roof of the Old Casino. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to kill the goons-for-hire inside. Drop down into the building and go through the door that leads to the steps back onto the roof.
The Shoot-in-the-leg Trick in Progress (the shoot-in-the-thigh trick doesn't sound quite so good)

 Make a mad dash up the steps, keep going through the blue door, ignore all attackers, step up onto the section of roof on the protagonist right and take a diagonal path before leaping off towards the water. The protagonist will land on the ground, get into the water as soon as possible and swim to the area where the Sanchez is waiting.

The rest of the mission doesn't involve making any kills. When you get to Happiness Island, take the opposite route to Pegorino, don't chase after him. This avoids being shot at by the cops, you will eventually find him amongst the trees.

Jimmy Pegorino bites the dust
 You don't take credit for killing Pegorino, despite shooting him in the face at close range!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Chapter 3 - GTA IV MKC Strategy Guide

A Long Way to Fall - Ray Boccino [Zero Kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick all the way through the mission.

Taking in the Trash - Ray Boccino [Zero Kills]
No Strategy required - just good driving skills!

Meltdown - Ray Boccino [Zero Kills]
Use the shoot in the leg trick for all of the enemies outside. Use the stampede trick to end Luca's miserable days.

[You can also complete this mission by calling for Dwayne's Backup - they will shoot all the assailants on your behalf but you still have to use the Stampede Trick to kill Luca]

Museum Piece - Ray Boccino [Zero Kills]
To make the escape from the museum easier you can destroy all the black PMP 600s that are outside. There are three outside the entrance where Johnny is waiting, another parked close to the hot dog vendors and artists stands the fifth PMP 600 is parked in an alley opposite. If you destroy all the cars you will be fired on when you leave the building but the attackers will not be able to give chase and you can easily get away. If you decide to enlist he assistance of Dwayne's backup, make the call after destroying the cars before meeting up with Johnny at the door.

Inside the museum use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to clear out all the assailants. This has to be done carefully to avoid accidental head-shots. When you get to the stairs to the lower level, there is a second wave of attackers. Some of them magically appear in the areas that you just cleared so go back and remove these assailants. It is also a good opportunity to take aim at the attackers on the lower floor of the museum. Go down to the lower level and make sure that all enemies have been taken care of, collect the armour vest. Head to the double exit doors with full health and armour (if possible). Change your weapon to the first or pistol so that you can sprint. Make a mad-dash from this point [these enemies are immune to non-player], barging into the attackers along the way prevents them shooting at you whilst you race past. It should be possible to make it to the health pack on the ground floor. Make another mad-dash to a vehicle and escape to complete the mission with zero kills.

[Dwayne's Backup can be used in this mission but it provides very little assistance and in my opinion only makes the mission more difficult because they tend to obscure your view and are not effective at killing the heavily armed attackers]

No Way on the Subway - Ray Boccino [Zero Kills]
A scripted motorcycle chase, no need to fire weapons. Just follow the bikers until two becomes one - and avoid being caught up in the explosion. When the scripted chase ends, knock the biker off his motorcycle and use any technique appropriate to kill him without gaining credit. The stampede trick works.

[You can use Dwayne's backup for this mission, with one of the New Holland Hustlers riding pillion - this can be useful at the end of the chase because your passenger will shoot the biker on your behalf]

Weekend at Florian's [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

Late Checkout - Ray Boccino [Zero Kills]
Steal a Helitours Maverick and fly it to the box junction close to Ray's restaurant. Begin the mission  and collect the helicopter, fly to the Majestic Hotel, land in the wide area of road, in front of middle park, beside the Majestic Hotel. Enter the yellow marker just inside the doors of the hotel. Turn around and leave the hotel and return to the Maverick. It will have mysteriously moved to a position opposite the hotel. [You can call for Dwayne's Backup at this point and they will get in the helicopter with you as long as it is still on ground]. Fly to this nearby building shown in the screen-shot - take a path right over the top of the Majestic Hotel to make the enemies appear. 

From here, you would walk to the corner of the building, Majestic Hotel in direct line of sight of Protagonist
From this rooftop position you can safely take out several of your targets including one of the main targets for the mission. To do this use the shoot-in-the-leg trick with an assault rifle. There will be one character that emerges from the building that will be out of range with the assault rifle, don't bother with this assailant. Fly the Maverick to the lowest point of the Majestic Hotel's roof where you can easily land - this is the area with the window cleaning elevator. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to kill all the assailants outside the building and those inside. You can do this easily by taking a good vantage point on the stairs and using cover when under attack. The main targets in this mission can not be killed with the shoot-in-the-leg trick. You must either allow Issac to live when given the option or use the stampede trick to kill him. The final target (best to leave the bedroom until last) can also be killed with the stampede trick. Now you just need to leave the building and escape from the police.

Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to clear a route back to the helicopter (if still usable) or use the elevator. Once you have received a call from Ray the mission is complete, although you still need to lose the attention of the police (two star wanted level).
Actions Speak Louder than Words - Gerry McReary [Zero Kills]
After the bomb has been detonated use the shove-object trick to crush the assailants using vehicles for cover. Use the exploding car trick for the remaining enemies, often the last enemy in this mission is the hardest to get because of his ability to move position just prior to a vehicle explosion. (Quite annoying - he also sometimes gets trapped in silly places).

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcycle - Gerry McReary [Zero Kills]
When the scripted motorcycle chase ends shoot out the tyres of your target's motorcycle. Eventually the rider will lose control of his motorcycle. You can use the stampede trick to complete the mission.

Smackdown - Derrick McReary [Zero Kills]
Use the exploding car trick to kill the attacker outside of the building. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to dispose of the attackers inside the building including Bucky Sligo who will be at the top of the stairs.

[Dwayne's Backup can be used for this mission - The New Holland Hustlers are poor at shooting when not in a vehicle and they soon get shot after entering the house]

Babysitting- Derrick McReary [Zero Kills]
During the boat chase don’t fire any weapons. Keep in line with the enemies boats and let Derrick do all the shooting. The ideal scenario is that you will be left with one enemy boat during the helicopter sequence. Shoot the helicopter at the tail when it is over the water (not above the bridge). Set the remaining boat alight by shooting at out-board motor. You may require a little bit of luck to get the zero kills.

Tunnel of Death - Derrick McReary [Zero Kills]
The first part of this mission is simple enough. Park the truck across the tunnel and use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to take out all the N.O.O.S.E and police officers. Packie does very little (if anything) to help. Work quickly, don’t leave Packie floundering for too long, because he tends to blow up a vehicle and kill himself in the process. After you gain control of the Police Enforcer, ensure that you do not run over any of the bodies lying on the ground. Escape from the tunnel and lose your police wanted level. Dump the Police Enforcer at the pick-up point and transfer to the get-away vehicle. Take Aiden to the cliff’s and persuade him to take a swim, you can do this by simply walking into him until he falls over the edge.

Blood Brothers - Francis McReary [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required - Note that the outcome of this mission will change the location of the funeral during the mission Undertaker. I would recommend killing Francis McReary, not only because he is a bent cop, has an ugly moustache and wears that awful flat cap but because his funeral is at the cemetery on Colony Island.

Undertaker [Zero Kills]
When the shoot-out begins, call Dwayne and ask for backup. Take the vehicle that his friends arrive in and encourage them both to get into the vehicle. Now drive close to the Albanian assailants to encourage Dwayne's friends to shoot the Albanians. Do this for all the new waves of attackers as they arrive. When they are dead drive the hearse to the funeral to complete the mission with zero kills. If this takes place at Colony Island you can grab the armour pick-up before saving.

Hating the Haters - Bernie Crane [Zero Kills]
This is not a hard mission, but it can take a very long time to complete with zero kills. Follow the hater through Middle Park, taking great care not to run over any of the peds that are knocked down by the motorcycle. After leaving the park, shoot out the tyres on the motorcycle and steal a car. Use the car to knock the hater from the motorcycle. Knock him down with the car, then move the hater by walking into him, you can push him along to somewhere where he can not escape. An enclosure for example. Then use the exploding car trick to kill the hater.

The Hater is Trapped in an Enclosure!
Union Drive - Bernie Crane [Zero Kills]
This mission consists of a scripted car chase. During the car chase stay back a little and remain on your own side of the road. Use the exploding car trick to take out the two blackmailers.
The Exploding Car Trick Strikes Again!
Buoys Ahoy - Bernie Crane [Zero Kills]
After the scripted boat chase has ended, use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to take out all the Russians.

I'll Take Her - Gerry McReary [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

Ransom [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

She's a Keeper - Gerry McReary [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required

Diamonds are a girl's best Friend - Gerry McReary [Zero Kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to take out all the assailants in this mission. Packie will kill the two goons at the end of the mission or you can use the stampede trick.

Truck Hustle - Phil Bell [Zero Kills]
There is a cool way to complete this mission with zero kills. When the mission begins and all the assailants in the alleyway begin shooting, make a mad dash to the wall on the protagonist right (when the cut-scene ends) and climb onto the rooftop. Run to the exit of the alleyway, and go slightly past before ducking behind the wall to take cover. The truck should now be approaching which means all you have to do is chase after it on foot and jump on the back. Steal the truck to complete the mission with zero kills.

Catch the Wave - Phil Bell [Zero Kills] 
This mission can be a little bit trickier than some of the others to get the zero kills. It is not the enemies that are the problem as such, the main difficulty (as with several other missions) is keeping another character alive. You actually gain control of the protagonist before the Russian has finished speaking so get out of the van early. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to keep Phil Bell safe. This has to be done quickly, so I would recommend an assault rifle for this task. When Phil Bell asks for you to cover him, make a mad dash for the boat. There is an armour pickup on the ground outside if you require it. Get into the boat and speed away allowing Phil to catch up to you which results in not having to fight with the enemy boats. Exit at the jetty to complete the mission with zero kills.

To Live and Die in Alderney - Phil Bell [Zero Kills]
The mission begins with a scripted car chase from the Old House in Alderney. As soon as the cut-scene has ended accelerate and swerve the car immediately to the left to avoid the Federal Agent getting hold of the car. If he gets a hold of the car it is hard not to pick up kill or sustain a loss of health. There is no need to fire any weapons during the scripted car chase. When the chase ends, immediately steal the police car and use it to block the alleyway at it's narrowest point, the position of the police car is vital. Make a mad-dash from the police car to the hospital car park directly ahead. This is the location of the get-away van. Take the van and collect Phil Bell and Frankie (if he has survived) or collect the stash (if he has perished). Drive back to the safehouse to complete the mission with zero kills.

Pegorino's Pride - Jimmy Pegorino [Zero Kills]
This mission can be fairly difficult, it is one of those that can go either way. Drive to the meeting with the Pavano's. Go to the yellow marker and step into it, when the cut-scene ends, swap weapons to an assault rifle. Ensure that your position allows you to see the all of the white car that your enemies drive to the meeting. You will need this wide view when the action begins. During the stand-off select your first target and wait for the assailants to begin the violence. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to kill all the assailants that are attacking Jimmy Pegorino before they kill him. This is a hard part of the mission, if successful you will be notified that you have to rescue Jimmy Pegorino from the Pavanos.

Make a mad-dash from the look-out position to the outside, you can use the shoot-in-the-leg trick again or simply continue the mad-dash along the outside of the building. You can take out the guy on the roof with one shot in the leg. Ignore all the others and you should be able to make it to Jimmy Pegorino without taking too much damage.

A scripted car chase ensues and takes you to another area of the old Oil Refinery. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the three enemies that emerge from the crashed get-away car. Find the remaining memeber of the Pavanos, get quite close to him and use a gun to bring him to the ground and then use the stampede trick to regain Jimmy Pegorino's offering, which is a back-pack. Drive Jimmy Pegorino back to Westdyke in Alderney to complete the mission with zero kills.

Payback - Jimmy Pegorino [Zero Kills]
This mission can be a little bit tougher than it looks at first glance. The scripted car chase is the easiest part but you have to be careful not to hit any of the bodies left in the wake of the leading vehicle. Staying a little further back from the leading car makes this easier and avoids taking damage from the assailants gunfire.

The shove-object trick can be used to good effect on some of the attackers in this mission. When enemies take cover behind an object give it a push with your vehicle to crush them to death. In the end you should be left with 2-3 assailants hiding in the car showroom. Deploy the exploding car trick to cause a chain reaction of explosions.Be wary of gaining a wanted level during the mission due to the high level of police in the area. You can lose a 1 star wanted level but going to 2 stars makes the mission a lot tougher to complete with zero kills.

Trespass - Phil Bell [Zero Kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick throughout this mission. When you get to the rooftop, shoot the helicopter in the tail with a RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade). The reason is that the occupants will be killed (or removed from the game) by the helicopter crash. If the occupants were killed by the RPG outright the kills would count against you in the game stats.

Flatline - Jimmy Pegorino [Zero Kills]
After pulling the plug on Anthony make a mad-dash out of the hospital to your get-away vehicle. You can collect the health pack on the hospital wall if required. Use the spray shop to lose the police wanted level.

Pest Control - Jimmy Pegorino [Zero Kills]
Arrive in a Fire truck and begin the mission. Drive ahead of the target vehicles without touching them or firing any weapons. Ensure that you arrive at the fuel station first, and park the Fire Truck so that it obstructs both target vehicles. You should have enough time to get a good distance away before the cars arrive. Shoot the fuel pump nearest to the Fire Truck to cause an explosion. If you are lucky all the enemies will be killed in the explosion/s. Otherwise use the exploding car trick to kill any remaining assailants.

Entourage - Gambetti [Zero Kills]
Collect Bobby Jefferson and drive to the road block. When the attack begins follow Jefferson down the alley, climb onto the roof of the building. You can not use the shoot-in-the-leg trick during this mission. You can shoot the enemies to cause them to fall to their deaths from the roof or other high structures. Use the exploding car trick to kill all the other attackers. You can get a police car and request back-up but this is a painfully slow method. Drive Jefferson to the conference to complete the mission with zero kills.

Dining Out- Gambetti [Zero Kills]
Park a Fire Truck across the alleyway to block Kim's exit route. Shoot out the tyres of the car (and the motorcycle) parked behind the restaurant. Use the stampede trick to kill the receptionist and use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to kill everyone else. When Kim tries to escape he will drive the car into the Fire Truck repeatedly until it his car sets on fire and explodes. You can observe all this from a safe distance!

Liquidize the Assets - Gambetti [Zero Kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick throughout this mission. Most of the rooftop assailants can be killed by causing them to fall with a single shot to the leg with an assault rifle. I prefer to steal all the vans and blow them up in the street outside.

It is possible to complete Chapter 3 with zero kills.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Chapter 1 MKC Mission Strategy

The early missions in GTA IV are mostly just about learning the game controls and features. There is nothing more than driving short distances to most of them. It goes without saying, that they are all zero kill missions.


The Cousins Bellic [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

It's Your Call [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

Threes a Crowd [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

First Date [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

Bleed Out [Zero Kills]

This is the first mission in GTA IV where you have to deploy some type of strategy to gain the minimal kills. There are several ways to complete this mission with zero kills. This is a simple strategy.

Prior to the call from Roman, steal a police car. When you get the call from Roman drive to the location at Firefly Island. You will find Roman getting a kicking from a couple of Albanian thugs. To attract the attention of each thug give them both a single kick or punch. They will now chase you and leave Roman alone. Return to the police car and call for police back-up, now hang around in the area, do not stray too far from Roman. To avoid being hit you can stand on top of vehicles. When the cops arrive, let them see the Albanians attack you and they will shoot both attackers. Now go back to Roman to trigger the next part of the mission.

The second part of the mission is very easy. Follow Dardan in Roman's car, it has poor speed and handling but with some good driving you can easily keep pace with Dardan. Instead of following Darden you can miss out all the detours and just drive directly to the warehouse. This shortcut will  allow you to avoid all the scripted hazards and arrive before Darden. Use the stampede trick to kill him. At this stage Darden will not be armed with the knife which makes it a very easy task.

There are lots of ways to complete this mission with zero kills.

Easy Fare [Zero Kills]
No strategy required. Just lose your wanted level.

Bull in A China Shop [Zero Kills]
No Strategy required. To save time, you don't have to find an object to break the window. Drive your vehicle into the shop window to break it.

Hung Out to Dry [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. Drive into the van to damage it, no need to use weapons.

Clean Get-away [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. Steal the car and drive it to the car wash. No need for any violence. Be careful of characters grabbing hold of your vehicles during the challenge. When stealing vehicles always drive forwards whilst the door is open. Otherwise you can crush the previous owner with the open door. Removing the drivers side door (for faster access) can save vital seconds in some missions.

Ivan the not so Terrible [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. It doesn't matter which option you select because Ivan falls to his death it doesn't count as a kill in your game stats.

Jamaican Heat [Zero Kills]
To complete this mission with zero kills you need to employ the exploding car trick. It is a simple case of using an exploding car to kill the enemy instead of conventional weapons. The vehicle must be set on fire by collision damage or from enemy gun fire. If you shoot the vehicle you will get credit for the enemies killed in the explosion.

The targets in this mission are immune to non-player which means you can not be assisted by the cops. In addition the cops would attack Little Jacob. Use the exploding car trick to remove the 3 enemies shooting at Little Jacob. Steal a vehicle and drive into the wall of the alley until it sets on fire. Carefully place the flaming vehicle to kill the targets. Repeat if necessary. To eliminate the the fourth enemy, shoot him in the leg and let him fall from the rooftop. This is an easy mission to complete with zero kills.

Uncle Vlad [Zero Kills]
This mission is incredibly easy to complete with zero kills, even though you have to “kill” Vlad. When the second cut-scene ends, instead of engaging in a fist fight with the two thugs, just make a mad-dash past them and go out of the door to begin the car chase. Follow Vlad, drive quickly but not crazily, there is no reason to fire any weapons. When you catch up with Vlad you can knock him into the water by walking into him. Once in the water he swims around but is unable to haul himself to safety. He drowns. The funny thing about this is, when the cut-scene plays Vlad has a gunshot wound even though you never shot him! This completes the mission with zero kills.

[Also, if you choose to eliminate Vlad by pointing the gun at him, the blue reticle appears and the scripted kill does not count in the stats]

Crime and Punishment [Zero Kills]
No strategy required. When you stop the van with the flatscreens, the two guys get out to start a gun fight. You can just drive away in the van and leave them behind in the street or entice the police into the battle if you can not bare to let them live!

Do You Have Protection [Zero Kills]
No strategy required.

Final Destination [Zero Kills]
As soon as you are spotted on the train platform in Bohan make a mad dash for your vehicle. Lenny will do the same, chase him and damage his car. When the car takes enough damage or becomes trapped Lenny makes a run for it. He is doesn't have a weapon and can be killed easily using any variety of techniques. The shove trick is a useful method for completing this mission with zero kills. Knock Lenny to the ground by knocking into him, then trample him each time he attempts to get to his feet. It is good technique for any characters that are vulnerable to non-player attacks, whereas it (usually) does not work on characters that are immune to non-player attacks.

[If you can get to Lenny, after he runs away,  you can complete this mission using the stampede trick before he even makes it to his get-away car]

No Love Lost [Zero Kills]
In normal game-play you can shoot the biker before he meets up with the rest of the gang. In the minimal kill challenge, it is easiest to allow the biker to find the gang. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to remove the two gang members who chase after you. Use the exploding car trick to remove the rest of the biker gang. Be careful not to go to far from the action as this will trigger the failed mission message. If there are no vehicles at hand you can call the emergency services and then steal a fire truck or an ambulance. It can be difficult to kill the bikers with the exploding car trick due to them hiding behind trees. The static enemies in this mission are immune to non-player.

It is possible to get vehicles from the Freeway (road to the airport) by pushing them through the gap between the lanes. You might have to flip the vehicles the right way up to use them. A good technique in this mission is to damage a vehicle (an ambulance for example) and then push it using a Firetruck (in reverse) into a dangerous position. The bikers will usually adopt the vehicle as cover and then get blown up in the explosion.

Rigged to Blow [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required. Jasper's tip – after the explosion steal the fire truck, not only is this a funny thing to do, but you can drive through the toll on the bridge without paying reducing the risk of picking a kill whilst having a wanted level. The safest method of travel, during the minimal kill challenge is to go by taxi.

The Master and the Molotov [Zero Kills]
To complete this mission with zero kills ensure that you arrive with full health and armour. The technique for this mission is called the mad-dash. When the cut-scene inside the Perestroika night club ends, run towards the stage and jump over the corner near to the exit (double doors). This will start the second cut-scene sequence, when this ends, run through the double doors, barge into the gunmen in the corridor. This distracts them and prevents them shooting you as you run past. You should be able to run right through the rest of this mission. It sound a little crazy, but you need to keep quite close to Faustin the climbing section of the mad-dash. You may take a fair bit of damage and sometimes you can be killed attempting this method. If you make it to the rooftop with Faustin, use the stampede trick to push him off the building to his death. If you draw a weapon, Faustin produces a pistol and fights back. Either way, it is possible to easily complete this mission with zero kills.

Logging On [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

Concrete Jungle [Zero Kills]
This is the most difficult mission in the GTA IV Minimal Kill Challenge.
Strategy Guide for Concrete Jungle

Russian Revolution [Zero Kills]
Strategy Guide for Russian Revolution

Roman's Sorrow [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required

Chapter One can be completed with a ZERO kills. Don't settle for anything else!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Russian Revolution MKC Strategy Guide

When the mission begins move to the left of the warehouse, use the metal girders to climb onto the walkway (upper level). Use the shoot in the leg trick to remove the assailants on the walkway and then use the same method to take out all the assailants attacking you and Little Jacob.

The strategy for this mission is a little bit hit and miss, i.e. it doesn't always work. This is always the case when another game character is with you in a mission, and you have to keep them alive. Remove enemies using the shoot in the leg trick. The strategy for this mission is to escape the warehouse during the fire fight, lose the police wanted level and return on a motorcycle (there should be one available at the petrol station nearby).  The reason for the motorcycle is that you need a vehicle that will fit through the door. It should be possible to avoid further contact with the police as you escape with Little Jacob, take him back to the homebrew cafe to complete the mission with zero kills.

[In my last play through, I just left the warehouse ignoring the cops and got into Little Jacob's car and he followed - this made this mission much easier, whether this was a fluke or not, I don't know] 

This completes CHAPTER ONE of Grand Theft Auto IV, The Storyline moves on with Roman's Sorrow, but this does not involve any kills provided that you drive carefully. 

Concrete Jungle MKC Strategy [Zero Kills]

Mission Preparation
This is not an easy mission in regard to the minimal kill challenge. Prior to beginning this mission complete Brucie's side mission and ensure that you have a PCJ 600 saved at your safehouse. It is also a good idea to make sure you have a standard pistol and shotgun. It is a good idea to begin with full health and armour. Use the cell phone to call 911 and select 3 for a firetruck. Steal the firetruck.

Niko and Little Jacob driving to the deal in a Firetruck, Nice!

Now with Little Jacob on board drive to the location where the deal is taking place. When prompted by Little Jacob to go to the alley round the back, drive the fire truck into the alley, but don't go into the yellow marker just yet. Drive the fire truck so that it blocks the wide part of the alley. Accelerate and brake at the same time to initiate a power slide to move the fire truck into position.

Position of Firetruck, and a vehicle for the exploding car trick - This is confusing because these images are from different mision attempts. Just note their positions.You also place a forth vehicle to block the alley behind the Feroci in this image. Got it!

Go to the road, near to the man selling nuts. You need to steal three more vehicles without attracting the attention of the cops or getting into a fight.  You need a car to use for the exploding car trick. You need a car to block the alleyway near to the nut seller. You need a powerful car that is big enough to block the wide alley. When you have all the cars inside the alley, use the big fast car to start the mission. Drive fast towards the runners and hit [without killing him] the unarmed runner as a last resort to stop him escaping. You should be able to just get ahead far enough and power slide the car into the gap using the green dumpsters to complete the blockade. If you can not fit through the gap the drug dealers won't be able to either. Now use the exploding car trick to kill all the runners.

Position of Third Vehicle Blocking the Alleyway
The second part of this mission takes place at a house at Savannah Avenue in Meadows Park. Drive Little Jacob to the house and leave him there while you go to your safe house to collect the PCJ 600. Also if you need health or armour this is the time to top them up to full. Shoot the PCJ 600 twice with the shotgun and six times with the pistol (do this out of view of the police). Back at the house in Meadows Park, drive the motorcycle into one of the green pillars from a distance approximately a cars length. Do this between 10 and 13 times until the bike is spewing thick black smoke. (If it sets on fire you've gone too far - you will have to get another one or start again). Now park the motorbike at the base of the steps. Go to the yellow marker and go into cover to begin the next part of the mission. Shoot the guy on the stairs in the thigh to make him move further up the stairs before shooting him in the foot to make him fall. If you do this correctly he usually falls to his death (but not always). I try and get him to fall towards the banister if possible.

When this individual is dead go to the window and shoot the shotgun guy once in one of his limbs with pistol. This prevents him taking aim at Little Jacob. Call 911 and request another Firetruck, steal it and park it outside the house, the front end right amongst those two dark plastic bins. Now use the water cannon to blast the shotgun guy, use short blasts to move him. The idea is to cause him to fall into the gap between the end of the green couch and the wall. When he is in the gap he becomes trapped and will not be able to get to his feet. It can take a long time to force him into this small space with the water. If you see him standing high up go and shoot-him in the leg because he will often fall and get trapped. He sometimes gets trapped temporary and sometimes permanent. You want him to be completely trapped which can take a lot work. Once he is stuck in the gap go and get the PCJ 600. Drive it into the hallway of the house and park facing the door into the room with the drug dealers inside.

Roll the bike into the wall quite gently enough to count as a hit but not enough to cause a change of direction. Keep doing this until the bike catches fire. Stay on the PCJ 600 and allow it burn and make sure it is positioned ready to enter the room. The fire will burn through three stages, small flames, slightly bigger flames and big flames. When the bike has big flames, wait a few more seconds and then ride the bike slowly into the room, turn immediately to avoid hitting the couch,  and park it amongst the three drug dealers. Get off the bike and run back towards the door where you entered. You can join Little Jacob behind the green couch. The bike has to be positioned correctly to kill all three assailants without killing Little Jacob. The bike also has to explode before the assailants shoot Little Jacob. So the time waiting for the bike to burn enough is highly critical to the success of this strategy.

Drive Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe to complete the mission with zero kills.