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Concrete Jungle MKC Strategy [Zero Kills]

Mission Preparation
This is not an easy mission in regard to the minimal kill challenge. Prior to beginning this mission complete Brucie's side mission and ensure that you have a PCJ 600 saved at your safehouse. It is also a good idea to make sure you have a standard pistol and shotgun. It is a good idea to begin with full health and armour. Use the cell phone to call 911 and select 3 for a firetruck. Steal the firetruck.

Niko and Little Jacob driving to the deal in a Firetruck, Nice!

Now with Little Jacob on board drive to the location where the deal is taking place. When prompted by Little Jacob to go to the alley round the back, drive the fire truck into the alley, but don't go into the yellow marker just yet. Drive the fire truck so that it blocks the wide part of the alley. Accelerate and brake at the same time to initiate a power slide to move the fire truck into position.

Position of Firetruck, and a vehicle for the exploding car trick - This is confusing because these images are from different mision attempts. Just note their positions.You also place a forth vehicle to block the alley behind the Feroci in this image. Got it!

Go to the road, near to the man selling nuts. You need to steal three more vehicles without attracting the attention of the cops or getting into a fight.  You need a car to use for the exploding car trick. You need a car to block the alleyway near to the nut seller. You need a powerful car that is big enough to block the wide alley. When you have all the cars inside the alley, use the big fast car to start the mission. Drive fast towards the runners and hit [without killing him] the unarmed runner as a last resort to stop him escaping. You should be able to just get ahead far enough and power slide the car into the gap using the green dumpsters to complete the blockade. If you can not fit through the gap the drug dealers won't be able to either. Now use the exploding car trick to kill all the runners.

Position of Third Vehicle Blocking the Alleyway
The second part of this mission takes place at a house at Savannah Avenue in Meadows Park. Drive Little Jacob to the house and leave him there while you go to your safe house to collect the PCJ 600. Also if you need health or armour this is the time to top them up to full. Shoot the PCJ 600 twice with the shotgun and six times with the pistol (do this out of view of the police). Back at the house in Meadows Park, drive the motorcycle into one of the green pillars from a distance approximately a cars length. Do this between 10 and 13 times until the bike is spewing thick black smoke. (If it sets on fire you've gone too far - you will have to get another one or start again). Now park the motorbike at the base of the steps. Go to the yellow marker and go into cover to begin the next part of the mission. Shoot the guy on the stairs in the thigh to make him move further up the stairs before shooting him in the foot to make him fall. If you do this correctly he usually falls to his death (but not always). I try and get him to fall towards the banister if possible.

When this individual is dead go to the window and shoot the shotgun guy once in one of his limbs with pistol. This prevents him taking aim at Little Jacob. Call 911 and request another Firetruck, steal it and park it outside the house, the front end right amongst those two dark plastic bins. Now use the water cannon to blast the shotgun guy, use short blasts to move him. The idea is to cause him to fall into the gap between the end of the green couch and the wall. When he is in the gap he becomes trapped and will not be able to get to his feet. It can take a long time to force him into this small space with the water. If you see him standing high up go and shoot-him in the leg because he will often fall and get trapped. He sometimes gets trapped temporary and sometimes permanent. You want him to be completely trapped which can take a lot work. Once he is stuck in the gap go and get the PCJ 600. Drive it into the hallway of the house and park facing the door into the room with the drug dealers inside.

Roll the bike into the wall quite gently enough to count as a hit but not enough to cause a change of direction. Keep doing this until the bike catches fire. Stay on the PCJ 600 and allow it burn and make sure it is positioned ready to enter the room. The fire will burn through three stages, small flames, slightly bigger flames and big flames. When the bike has big flames, wait a few more seconds and then ride the bike slowly into the room, turn immediately to avoid hitting the couch,  and park it amongst the three drug dealers. Get off the bike and run back towards the door where you entered. You can join Little Jacob behind the green couch. The bike has to be positioned correctly to kill all three assailants without killing Little Jacob. The bike also has to explode before the assailants shoot Little Jacob. So the time waiting for the bike to burn enough is highly critical to the success of this strategy.

Drive Little Jacob back to the Homebrew Cafe to complete the mission with zero kills.

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