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Chapter 2 - GTA IV MKC Strategy Guide


Escuela of The Streets - Manny Escuala [Zero Kills]
The first part of this mission required no strategy guide, just follow the dealers car to the warehouse. When you arrive go up onto the roof to gain access to the warehouse through the skylight. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to remove all the assailants to complete the mission with zero kills.

Street Sweeper - Manny Escuala [Zero Kills]
To begin with, park a burning car in front of the enemies vehicle. When the car explodes it will destroy their vehicle so that they can not escape it also kills the occupants and anyone close to the explosion. Use the exploding car trick to remove the remaining to complete the mission with zero kills. You can also call the cops to help clean the streets in this mission.

Search and Delete - Brucie Kibbutz [Zero Kills]
This mission consists of a scripted car chase. Once the chase is completed damage the car until Rivas gets out and then use the stampede trick to complete the mission with zero kills.

No.1 - Brucie Kibbutz [Zero Kills] 
No Strategy Required.

Out of the Closet - Part One - Brucie Kibbutz[Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

Out of the Closet - Part Two - Brucie Kibbutz [Zero Kills]
French Tom is not immune to non-player so you can use any method that springs to mind to kill him without picking up a kill in your game stats. I recommend the stampede trick, if you act quickly enough he doesn't even get a chance to mince his way out of the diner.

Blow Your Cover - Elizabeta Torres [Zero Kills]
Break your cover and use the shoot-in-the-leg trick on the undercover police officers. Use the same technique to clear all the N.O.O.S.E officers from the stairwells. Once contact has been made this has to be done fast and accurately. (note that whilst alive N.O.O.S.E weapons keep firing even when their operative is down) The same applies outside on the rooftop and take care coming back down through the second building.

Luck of the Irish - Elizabeta Torres [Zero Kills]
Call 911 and request and ambulance and steal it - drive to the mission and enter the yellow marker. Go into the apartment block and get up to the rooftop,  collect the sniper rifle but don't enter the yellow marker. Climb over the wall onto the fire escape and then jump against the wall, you should be able to get to the ground without taking any damage. The assailants should now be in the alleyway and a van parked at the end. You can't enter the alley as this will cause the mission to be failed. So drive the ambulance around the outside of the compound until you find a small alleyway. Park the ambulance so that you can gain access to a flat roof, from this position you can shoot the van five times with a shotgun. It should be spewing dark smoke at this point. If you have gained a wanted level drive away in the ambulance and lose the attention. Go to the rooftop and enter the yellow marker to begin the mission. Wait for the action to begin, then shoot the exploding barrel on the right (from Niko's viewpoint on the roof). Use the sniper rifle to shoot the antagonist attacking Packie in the lower leg (twice), then shoot the exploding barrel on the left. This is most effective if you can wait until some of the enemies are close to the barrel. The explosion, if all goes well should be enough to kill all the aggressors and set the van on fire at the same time (this is why we shot it 5 times earlier).

Shooting the exploding barrels sometimes counts as kills against you, so check your stats.

There is another technique to complete this mission with zero kills. You can push a bus (spewing smoke) down the alleyway with another large vehicle. You need to get the bus a long way into the alleyway for it to remain after the cutscene. You can do this by adding cars between the bus and the pushing vehicle (a firetruck for example). After the cutscene shoot the barrel/s to ignite the bus.

The Puerto Rican Connection - Manny Escuala [Zero Kills]
This is a very easy mission even for the minimal kill challenge. I've seen forum posts about the hardest missions in GTA IV and this mission always crops up. I'm guessing that those players are finding it hard to follow the train and/or taking the option of using the motorcycle parked conveniently nearby. The problem is that when you crash the bike you fall off and by the time you able to get back on the bike the mission will be failed. Use a car.

You don't have to drive a fast car, any game car can keep up with the train, well perhaps not an airtug or fork lift (but most vehicles).  The route is not difficult to learn because you are following a train it can only go where the tracks take it. In other words drive from East Hook, past your safe house in Hove Beach, to firefly island (where you played the first proper mission Bleed Out), I think you take the first left etc... soon arriving at Schotler Station.

Park your vehicle, damaged along the way to spew black smoke) in the doorway of the station where the targets usually appear. Allow the vehicle to set alight by repeatedly crashing into the door way or columns. Do this gently, to keep the entrance/exit blocked the whole time. The exploding car trick is all you need to take car of the targets for this mission. You can also use the shoot in the leg trick and/or call the police into action.

The Snow Storm - Elizabeta Torres [Zero Kills]
The surprising aspect of the snow storm is that it is billed as one of the toughest mission in the game yet it is one of the simplest zero kill missions. Go to the old hospital and locate the ladder that leads into first floor. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to remove asailants on the same level and any attackers closeby on the ground floor. Drop down to the ground floor and enter the room where the bag of coke resides on a table. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to dispatch the two asailants in this room. Collect the armour vest pick-up if required and the coke. After the cutscene phone call to Little Jacob, climb onto the table where the coke had been stashed, jump and grab the wall to ascend back to the first floor. If there are attackers use the shoot in the leg trick to remove them. Then you need to make a difficult jump (which involves grabbing a wall and climbing on to it without hurdling over it). Carefully walk across the top of the wall to the area where you entetered the old hospital via the ladder. Leave the same way and make your escape. This method affords you plenty of time to drive out and use a spray shop.

Have a Heart - Elizabeta Torres [Zero Kills]
No Strategy Required.

Deconstruction for Beginners - Playboy X [Zero Kills]
Use the sniper rifle to shoot the lookouts causing them to fall (Jaspers tip - you can do this from the ground, where it is actually easier to see the targets than from the roof) one of them falls against the side of the platform and dies. Go to the construction site and shoot the first target in the leg to cause them to fall from the scaffolding (this usually works but not always). If this fails use the exploding car trick to kill the first target. Drive a vehicle to the upper level where the second target is located. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to take out all the assailants on this level apart from the main target (indicated by a red marker). Use the exploding car trick. The third target is a bit strange. You can with some luck remove the third target by shooting him in the leg just once and allowing him to fall against the wall, causing him to die (the same as the lookout on the platform earlier in the mission). This doesn't always work, in which case you must revert to the exploding car trick which is quite risky here. Always shoot the exploding barrel so that your enemies can not blow it up when you are close to it.  Take great care not to drive over bodies or cause explosions from barrels as this often counts as a kill in your game stats. The fourth target - drive to the ramp furthest away and drive to the upper most level. Block the access at the top of the ladder where the target will be heading. The target will soon appear at the top of the second ladder, shoot him to make him fall, you may have to do this twice. You may be under attack at this stage but once you get the phone call from Playboy X the attackers vanish. It takes time and effort to complete this mission with zero kills.

Another game tip: If a body is alive on the ground and in the way you need to use the exploding car trick to kill them before you can drive over them or shoot an exploding barrel, otherwise you will begin picking up kills and not realise why or how! 

Ruff Rider - Dwayne Forge [Zero Kills]
Shoot out the rear tyre of the motorcycle during the chase. When your target crashes and comes off the motorcycle, use the exploding car trick or call the police using 911 to get them involved. The cops will shoot your target to conclude the mission with zero kills.

Undress to Kill - Dwayne Forge [Zero Kills]
Take out the security guard with the exploding car trick. Enter the strip club unarmed and identify the three targets. Attract their attention by firing a weapon and allow them to escape from the strip club. Shoot out the tyres of their vehicle and follow them until they crash. Use the exploding car trick to kill these heavily armed assailants. They have extra strength (for some unknown reason) so it may take at least two explosions each to get rid of them.

Photo Shoot - Playbox X [Zero Kills]
No strategy required. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick.

[You can shoot the target from long distance with a sniper rifle to avoid any attention from the other street gang members. Climb onto a vehicle to gain a good vantage point]

Wrong is Right - U.L. Paper [Zero Kills]
After the scripted car chase use the exploding car trick to kill Minkov.

The Holland Play - Playbox X or Dwayne Forge [Zero Kills]
The first part of the Holland Play obviously required no strategy as it is just a phone call. The second part, I recommend that you kill Playboy X because it is easier to get the zero kills required for the minimal kill challenge and you can also gain Dwayne's friends for assistance. After the cut-scene at the loft apartment, break your cover and shoot the assailant with the shotgun in the leg, this makes him stumble, make a mad-dash outside onto the roof-top. Follow Playboy X down the fire escape and chase him to the alley. Use the exploding car trick to kill Playboy X and complete the mission with zero kills.

Hostile Negotiations [Zero Kills]
The only technique you need to use for this mission is the shoot-in-the-leg trick. It is helpful to know the levels and where the locations of all the enemies. Remember that the enemies move occasionally to find cover. Shoot enemies in their feet or hands to make them break cover and then use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to hold them down whilst you shoot them. Take great care where bodies are on the ground and always allow an enemy to get back to the feet (or almost) before firing that final shot. At the start of this mission you can go up the stairs (where you leave with Roman at the end of the mission), and shoot some of the Russians through gaps in the wooden planks. This makes the mission easier and may also reduce the number of attackers in the mission. In my mission the Russians never appeared on the roof. There are a lot of attackers but just take them out one by one taking appropriate cover during the most vulnerable sections. The hostage taker holding Roman does not count as a kill in your stats, however, I always shoot him in the shoulder just in case. It seems to be a scripted sequence so probably doesn't matter where you aim.

[In my last play through of this mission I went in through the roof but be warned their are Russians on the roof with rocket launchers other heavy weapons). 

Portrait of a Killer - U.L. Paper [Zero Kills]
There is no need to get a police car and search the database with the photograph. Just hail a taxi and go directly to the location where this mission takes place.

This mission is moderately difficult to complete with zero kills. There are some assailants that you can shoot to cause them to fall. Then there might be an assailant on the roof, you can climb up and shoot him until he falls and then use the stampede trick.

Use the exploding car trick to kill the remaining assailants beginning with the upper level. Carefully place burning vehicles close to the enemies and get to a safe position. There are two enemies on this upper level that are difficult to get a burning vehicle close enough. To kill the guy with automatic, use an ambulance and reverse it into position and then park a burning car in front of the ambulance to cause a chain reaction. When the upper section is cleared use the exploding car trick to complete the lower level. You can send burning or primed vehicles down from the upper level or risk driving vehicles into good dangerous positions.

Dust Off - U.L. Paper [Zero Kills]
Follow the helicopter to the landing pad. Wait until it lands, drive up to it and steal it. Ignore the attackers because you should have enough health and armour to get away without any problems.

Call and Collect - Francis McReary [Zero Kills]
This mission is too easy to warrant a strategy guide. Use the stampede trick to take out the target and retrieve the data. Note that you can actually push the target into the water which is another way to kill the target without gaining credit but also destroys the data saving you the hassle of having to meet up with Francis McReary to complete the mission. Instead the mission ends with a phone call. Either way this is an easy mission to complete with zero kills.

Paper Trail - U.L. Paper [Zero Kills]
It is Little Jacob that fires the rocket propelled grenade at the end of this mission, I have never been credited with kills but have always done this mission in a single attempt. I recommend that you check your stats before saving (as you should after every mission).

Final Interview - Francis McReary [Zero Kills]
Ensure that you have a knife as your melee weapon. Whilst in Goldberg's office, stand up and select the knife. Threaten Goldberg with the knife (by targeting him) and he will hand over the files. Attack Goldberg with the knife, and he will collapse to the floor (this should not count as a kill in your stats). Smash one of the office windows and leap out to escape. Take the files to Francis to complete the mission with zero kills.

Holland Nights - Francis McReary [Zero Kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick throughout this mission.

Lure - Francis McReary [Zero Kills]
When you arrive at the location of the apartment, there will be a black dukes parked in the street with a raised air intake in the hood. Shoot out all four tyres before making your way to the yellow marker on the roof the building opposite your target. Attract the attention of your target by shooting the satellite dish, the television or just smash the window. Wait for a while and the dealer will make a run for it, at this point fall off the left side of the building to the roof below, then fall off the front of that roof onto the platform below. Jump off the platform and steal a car so that you can chase the dealer. The dukes has blown tyres so it will eventually crash and you can call 911 and allow the cops to kill the dealer or use the exploding car trick.

Harboring a Grudge - Patrick McReary [Zero Kills]
Stay up on the roof when Packie tells you to go down. Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick to kill all of the assailants that are outside. When it is safe, go down to the ground and clear out the warehouse, taking great care to ensure that nobody has been missed. Drive the van to the lock-up (there is no need to use or fire any weapons). Drive fast and safely without crashing to complete the mission with zero kills.

[In my last play through of this mission - I stole the van without killing all the assailants hiding in the warehouse - which save a small amount of time]

Waste not Want Knots -  Patrick McReary [Zero Kills]
UPDATED Strategy Guide - How to complete this mission with zero kills
Waste Not Want Knots Strategy Guide

Three Leaf Clover - Patrick McReary [Zero Kills]
This mission is all about shooting in the legs...
Three Leaf Clover Strategy Guide

Chapter two can be completed with zero kills!

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