Sunday, December 18, 2011

Assassin Missions - The Fixer

Derelict Target [zero kills]
Use the exploding car or shove-object trick to kill the first target. Call 911 and request the police. Allow the cops to enter the building and kill all the assailants including your main targets. This side mission can take a long time to complete using this technique. Keep calling the police and ascend the levels, so that the police continue to respond to enemy gunfire. keeping just below the level of the floors, to avoid being involved in the shooting. Keep out of the way of the police to prevent getting a wanted level.

Hook, Line and Sinker [zero kills]
Shoot the boat around the out-board motor area and allow it to explode. Kills made this way do not usually count in your game statistics. After the explosion check the stats to see if it worked.

Industrial Action [zero kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg trick for all the targets in this mission. Most of your assailants will fall to their deaths with a well aimed shot in the lower leg.

Migration Control [zero kills]
Drive quickly to the helicopter landing pad and ram into the targets Cognoscenti. If you get the timing right your target will be killed just as he is getting out of the car by the shove-object trick. An incredibly easy way to complete this side mission.

Taken Out [zero kills]
Park a burning car in front of the limo to cause an explosion.

Bailing out for Good [zero kills]
Use exploding car or the shove-object trick to complete this side mission.

Water Hazard [zero kills]
Use the shoot-in-the-leg and stampede trick to complete this mission.

R.U.B. Down [zero kills]
Use a large vehicle to push damaged cars  towards the targets. Keep doing this until there is a large group of cars around the targets. Keep hitting the cars to deploy the exploding car trick from a distance. If the cars are in good positions when they explode all the targets will be killed in the explosion.

Using a Truck to Push Damaged Vehicles Towards the Targets.
 It is important not to get too close to the targets because they will take off on their bikes.

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